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Forum Status and User Status

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1 Forum Status and User Status on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:47 pm


User Status:

Base - Very Active
Lindsey - Inactive for 2 days
Salmonhead - Inactive for 3 days
Izaya - Active-ish
lili1991 - Inactive
GrimFace - Very Active
Savic - Active-ish
Enja - Very Active
The Prototype - Very Active
Blackdemon - Inactive
SmallFang - Active

Forum user status will stop once there are 30 members or more.

Forum Status:

Posts: 90
Topics: 30
Users: 11
Posts per day: 8.45
Topics per day: 2.82
Users per day: 1.03

Status will be updated once in a while.

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